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I am running for NCAR President elect in an initiative to create a fresh approach and keep relevancy in what the State Association is doing for its members, people like you and me. I have some great ideas on evolving the association and continuing advocacy and outreach to help Realtors and property owners. In addition I want to be proactive in risk management and a forward thinker for our industry. 
Having been involved in Real Estate for 23 years, I have a passion for the industry and improving all we can do for the members of the local, state, and national associations. I learned early on that Realtors working together find the best solutions to circumstance in our industry. The local, state, and national associations of membership are valuable to each of us and can teach us a higher level of practice which is paramount to us all. 
My skill, care, diligence, knowledge and experience will benefit all members of NCAR. I will strive to keep us all up to date with all matters of importance, whether it be fighting transfer taxes or the Legislature trying to do away with our mortgage interest deduction. RPAC is important to me as it affects the bottom line of our industry. You, me, and the people we serve need to stand up for the laws in our country that will continue the real estate industry growth. It is important that we support our committee chairs across the state in meeting their fundraising goals.
Real estate is my passion. I believe I can make a difference, and want to be your NCAR president in 2017.
Remember this August 24 – 27, 2015 to Click for Kirk.  
Thank you!